Staunch Advocacy For Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you or a family member has been seriously injured at work, these are troubling times for you. Workers’ compensation insurance should cover necessary medical care and replace a portion of lost wages. Unfortunately, getting all the benefits you deserve — for the time that you need them — is an imposing challenge. Experienced workers’ compensation attorney Horrigan at the Law Offices of Mark S. Horrigan can represent you to pursue the financial compensation you need and deserve for your work-related injury. 

Get Reliable Counsel After Any Work-Related Injury · No Upfront Cost Or Risk

Please do not risk trying to secure Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits without a qualified lawyer on your side. Workers’ compensation claims are sometimes unfairly denied. Benefits are often terminated suddenly for reasons injured people do not understand. Attorney Mark S. Horrigan will step in to help protect your rights and obtain the benefits you deserve.

You have nothing to lose by seeking the legal help you need. We provide a free initial consultation and charge attorney fees only when we obtain benefits for you. In most cases, that fee is established by law as a percentage of the settlement.

Decades Of Experience In Negotiations, Hearings And Trials

Attorney Horrigan has decades of experience evaluating work injury claims and building the strongest possible cases for his clients. Having worked extensively on the defense side, he has an in-depth understanding of the opposition’s objectives and strategies. He has taken more than 100 cases through trial in all. Notable strengths include:

  • Experience handling many complex construction accident cases, including those that call for a third-party personal injury claim or lawsuit against a negligent party other than the employer
  • Proven skill in navigating the steps required to obtain hearings before the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA)
  • A full-service approach to helping people pursue all sources of compensation available after work-related injuries, including Social Security Disability benefits
  • Case consideration workers’ compensation claims

Contact An Attorney You Can Rely On To Fight For You

Prompt action may be very important for the protection of your rights after a work-related injury. You can talk to Mr. Horrigan. He is calm and patient in explaining clients’ rights and options — and we have a full-time staff member who is fluent in Spanish.

If you need guidance to file a workers’ compensation claim, call us at 781-599-7477, toll free at 866-257-6476or send a quick email contact form today. If your claim has been denied or your benefits terminated, or other problems have come up, we will know what to do. Se habla español.